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When it comes to the success of a dairy farm, teamwork is essential. Dairy farmers operate their farms with a team of skilled and trained professionals who take into consideration all aspects of farming.

Keep reading to learn more about specific team member roles on a dairy farm.

Farm Owner

The farm owner has a significant financial investment in the farm, and therefore, is ultimately responsible for its performance, strategic growth and development. An owner must be highly skilled in all aspects of the farm operations, from ensuring excellent care of the cows and calves to taking care of the land, air and water and to providing safe, high-quality milk to consumers. The owner also sets the business direction and policies within which the farm operates, so it’s essential the farm owner is knowledgeable and skilled in business and farm management.


A herdsman is a trained individual who oversees and manages the day-to-day operation of the dairy herd. He or she can be responsible for 100 or more cows at a time. A skilled herdsman knows the habits and personality quirks of each cow under his or her care and the quality of milk each cow is producing. A herdsman might work alone or manage other farm workers, depending on the size of the farm. On smaller dairy farms, the farm owner often serves as the herdsman.


Veterinarians are animal doctors who have earned a degree in veterinary medicine, and work to keep the herd healthy just as your medical doctor provides care for you. Many specialize in the treatment of cows and work directly with dairy farmers at their farms on a regular basis to ensure healthy herds, provide preventative care and specific medical attention when needed.


An animal health professional who specializes in the nutritional needs of dairy cows is called a dairy nutritionist, and serves the same role that a dietitian would provide you. The major responsibilities of a dairy nutritionist are to recommend optimal diets for cows and regularly monitor how cows respond to their feeding program. Diets include a mix of grass feeding to specially formulated feeds that include corn silage, vitamins and minerals to ensure every cow gets all the nutrition she needs to produce wholesome milk.


Office Manager

An office manager at a dairy farm is crucial for day to day operations. They are responsible for planning, organization, and controlling the clerical aspect of the organization, including the preparation, communication and financial side of the business.


Milkers along with the dairy cows are the lifeline of a dairy farm. They monitor and look at the cattle each and every time they are milked. They make sure the udder is clean and sanitized before and after each milking.

Outside Help

A farm has many chores and requires the help of several to perform things such as unloading hay trucks, caring for dairy calves, mixing feed, feeding cows and fixing water leaks.

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