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Automated Milking - Electronic milking machines use a pulsating vacuum that simulates the effect of a suckling calf. The machines do not cause any harm or discomfort to the cows and they keep the milk safe from external contamination.
Bovine – of the biological subfamily bovinae. This diverse group features about 24 species of medium-sized to large ungulates (animals with hoofs) such as domestic cattle. Other members include bison, water buffalo and yak.
Bull – an adult male dairy animal
Calf – a young bovine animal under 12 months of age
Dry Cows – a cow that is not producing milk (lactating). The “dry” period typically lasts 45-60 days when a cow is preparing to give birth to a calf, which begins a new lactation period.
Fresh Cow – A cow that has recently given birth to a calf
Heifer – A female dairy animal that has yet to give birth to a calf.
Ruminant – any hooved animal, such as a dairy cow, that digests its food by first eating the raw material and then regurgitating a semi-digested form known as cud. These animals then chew their cud, a process called ruminating. Ruminant animals have one stomach with four active compartments to aid in digestion.
Udder – The encased group of mammary glands on a dairy cow.












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