Notes from the Wyoming Ag Teachers Conference

By Jordan Glidewell on 11/30/2017

Tags: Schools, Dairy Farmers, Farm Life

On November 17-18th in Douglas Wyoming, over 600 FFA members along with their advisors attended a three-in-one conference hosted at Douglas High School. The three conferences included Finding Inspiration and Reaching Excellence (FIRE), Chapter Presidents Conference (CPC) and the Wyoming Ag Teachers mid-winter meeting.

For two 50-minute sessions, we facilitated an experiential presentation of the Dairy Value Chain curriculum. Following a brief introduction of the curriculum, teachers experienced five of the nine lessons which teach students about the complex system of getting dairy from the farm to the table, including feed rations, cow and calf care, milk production, milk processing and packaging.

The sessions also included opportunity for answering specific questions about the curriculum, dairy industry and student dairy tours.

In the third session, Milk Labeling? What Can be labeled as Milk? participants were led through a discussion about retail milk labeling. The thought-provoking presentation discussed Standards of Identity in labeling, dairy industry perspective as well as the alternative beverages perspective. The presentation provided content to consider and critical thinking questions to present to students on this topic and beyond.