Afterschool Snack

After a long day of school, children need a healthy snack to fill the energy gap between lunch and dinner. The federally funded Afterschool Snack Program gives students the fuel they need to learn and play during afterschool activities, with healthy food choices served in appropriate portion sizes.

The Afterschool Snack Program can even generate additional revenue for child nutrition departments. If at least 50% of the children enrolled in school are certified for free or reduced-price school meals, you may serve afterschool snacks to all students through age 18 and be reimbursed at the free rate. Often, the cost of the snacks is less than the USDA reimbursement, and Dairy Dollars for Schools even provides funds to help you implement the program.

Please refer to your state agency's regulations and guidelines on the program.


  • Increases: Participation; sales of milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Enhances: School meal image
  • Engages: Students, teachers, nutrition staff, whole school, community
  • Enables: More access to food
  • Improves: Your bottom line


  1. Who will help coordinate snack pick-up and delivery? 
  2. Do you have a roster to check off the meals received by students? 
  3. Does your staff need training with regard to ASSP regulations and requirements? 
  4. How will you increase dairy sales? 
  5. Do you need any equipment or insulated bags? 

You could use the funds for:

  • Merchandise, coolers and incentives
  • Marketing and nutrition education materials
  • Equipment for meal prep and delivery
  • Staff training
“Receiving the Dairy MAX grant allowed us to offer dairy products on our ASSP menu. Dairy MAX provided us with coolers to keep our yogurt, cheese, and milk cold. Without the coolers and the support of Dairy MAX, we would not have been able to provide these snacks! Now our students have the opportunity to get 3 servings of dairy a day while at school!”
Vahista Ussery, M.S., MBA, RD
Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD, HEB, TX

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USDA regulations require education or enrichment activities in organized, structured and supervised environments. Any extracurricular activities, such as the school choir, debate team and drama society can qualify to participate if the basic purpose is to provide afterschool care as defined above and be open to all students. For a more detailed breakdown, contact your local Dairy MAX representative. 

Funding and Reimbursement 

Reimbursement amounts for the snacks change each year but are available on the USDA website. Plan accordingly within your budget to implement this program and determine Dairy Dollars needed.