Destiny Price

Destiny Price (Texas)

Manager, Business Development Communications

Destiny Price built her career on sports marketing and community relations; expertise she’s now using for our regional dairy farmers. Destiny earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from The University of Texas at Arlington and a Master of Sports Administration from Ohio University, then went on to serve as lead MAP coordinator for VIP & Special Events in Super Bowl LIII, assistant director of Career Management at Ohio University, gameday marketing assistant for the Cincinnati Bengals and more. She was excited to join the Dairy MAX team in 2019 to explore a new frontier with passionate people. In her spare time, Destiny volunteers with the Texas Rangers’ Richard Greene Scholars Program.

Favorite healthy breakfast: 
Oatmeal made with milk and a side of yogurt.

One food you’d want if stranded on a desert island: 
Sherbet ice cream.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten: 
Fried squid.