Ambassador Alyssa Shares Her Summit Experience

Apr 5, 2018
2014 Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador Summit Group Shot

Down in Arlington, TX at the FUTP 60 student ambassador summit I learned leadership and life long skills that will really help me in my future! One of my favorite parts was meet a hero of mine, David Bruton. He's not my hero because he's in the NFL or because he's on my favorite team (Broncos), it's because he has amazing leadership skills and is a great role model, which really has an impact on kids and students like me!

Within my school I'd like to apply for grants with which I can buy healthy food and lower the price and sell them in a vending machine of some sort, which will hopefully not only make the students healthier but also do better on their tests and school work! And hopefully with the help from a club at my school I can host a "kick-off" pep assemble or rally, that way everyone gets involved!

With FUTP 60 my life has been greatly impacted, mainly my sports and health. I used to go practice to practice and then homework and straight to bed, I never really had enough energy and I never knew why, until my program advisor showed me, that taught me that what I was doing by being active wasn't really as healthy as I thought, you need proper nutrition! So then I started eating right and got my energy back and even my family is eating healthier!

So to anyone who isn't involved in this amazing program, I strongly suggest you check it out! It could really change your life, it changed mine!

About the Guest Author

Alyssa Fuel Up to Play 60

Alyssa S, Fuel Up to Play 60 Youth Council Member served as a Fuel Up to Play 60 state ambassador for Montana in 2014-15, as well as a Youth Council Member.