Health & Wellness



Our health and wellness experts connect with and educate health professionals on the natural goodness of dairy and the science behind its nutritional benefits.

  • The Health and Wellness Advisory Council is the voice behind dairy's nutritional advantages - dietitians, doctors and other experts providing the latest information on trending topics to the media and at events in their communities.
  • The Healthy Bites newsletter sends dairy news and research findings straight to the inboxes of health professionals.
  • Great American Milk Drive. Milk is one of the most requested and most nutritious items for food bank clients. However, food banks rarely receive enough milk to pass on to everyone who needs it. The Great American Milk Drive uses monetary contributions to deliver milk to food banks so that all families receive the nutritious benefits of milk.
  • Dairy Amazing Symposium. More and more people are learning and talking about food, where it comes from and how it's prepared. We fit right into the movement by hosting the Dairy Amazing Symposium, a hands-on culinary event deigned to educate health and wellness professionals on the benefits and versatility of dairy.