Real dairy can make the real difference

Tired of watching profit margins shrink while customers raise their eyebrows at menu prices? Amid today’s challenges, there are also opportunities – as stressed-out diners seek comfort in their favorite foods (which are usually creamy, buttery or cheesy).

The top two factors in dining decisions for Gen Z:

  • No. 1: PRICE

Dairy meets both of these needs

97% of U.S. consumers still eat or drink dairy foods. Out of 1,500 surveyed:

Circular graph showing 76%

76% said real dairy offered better value and affordability than plant-based alternatives.

Circular graph showing 80%

80% said real dairy tastes better.

Dairy popularity is rising

  • Consumption is up. Per-capita consumption of real dairy has risen nearly 7% in the last decade, and cheese consumption, specifically, is 15% higher than in 2014.
  • Production is local. The milk you source is likely produced and processed within 100 miles of your business, for lower risk of supply chain issues.


Dairy made the $280K difference at these New Orleans restaurants

During a National Dairy Month partnership with seven New Orleans restaurant brands, 16% of menu sales totaling $280K were dairy promotional items. See the full case study.

Macaroni and cheese topped with crumbled bacon

Boost your menu – and your bottom line – with dairy

See exactly how new dairy-powered dishes can help you attract new customers, retain current customers and improve experiences.

Current Opportunity: Queso Challenge

Details coming soon.

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Local and Regional Partnerships

Cuba Cuba Logo

Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar. Cuba Cuba Café & Bar is a recipient of the 2024 Kids' Menu Milk Grant, through which Dairy MAX helped promote and market milk on kid’s menus.

The Original Pancake House Logo

The Original Pancake House. The Original Pancake House is a recipient of the 2024 Kids' Menu Milk Grant, through which Dairy MAX helped promote and market on kid’s menus.

Kids Fit Menu Logo

Kids Fit Menu. Led by Medical City Children’s Hospital, the Kids Fit Menu initiative works with local restaurants and high school culinary students to create kid’s meals that are delicious, nutritious and appealing. Kids Fit Menu can be seen at restaurants like La Madeleine, The Original Pancake House and Asian Mint.

National Partnerships

Domino's Logo

Domino’s®. Domino’s recently introduced pepperoni stuffed cheesy bread, one example of how the dairy checkoff is supporting innovation with the pizza giant.

McDonald's Logo

McDonald’s®. McDonald’s, with the support of the dairy checkoff and its scientists, introduced new McFlurry and shake flavors, like the Grimace shake.

Taco Bell Logo

Taco Bell®. Taco Bell has elevated dairy from a garnish to a hero by focusing on cheesy innovation with a checkoff-employed dairy scientist.

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More ways dairy wins

Customers care about nutrition and sustainability, too; we promote dairy’s advantages in these areas through social influencers, health professionals and more. And we can help you share these messages with your customers.


Dairy doesn’t just hit all the tastebuds, it’s also good for your customers! With 13 essential nutrients, including high-quality protein, your customers can feel good about enjoying your dairy-centric menu items.


Dairy packs a big nutrient punch for a minimal carbon footprint. In fact, the dairy industry has reduced its carbon footprint by 19% since 2007 – and continues to make progress.


Need help finding dairy foods for your restaurant? We can connect you with local processors and distributors of milk, cheese, butter and so much more.

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