BUILT w/ Chocolate Milk

Looking for great nutrition for your athletes? Whether you’re a coach, a sports dietitian or an athlete yourself, choose chocolate milk – the sports drink nature intended

Stay BUILT During COVID-19: Football Pros Share

You’re doing your best to physically and mentally prepare your athletes despite COVID-19 shakeups. But what if you don’t know when they’ll even get to perform? In this 7-part series, hear from pros who are facing the same challenges: BUILT partner and Dallas football pro Tyrone Crawford; Joseph Sam, head football coach at Hightower High School in Missouri City, Texas; and J.J. Moses, former pro football player and current transitional coach.

Chocolate Milk Proof

In a recent University of Texas study, high school athletes drinking chocolate milk bench-pressed a net total of 6.7% more and squat-lifted a net total of 7% more than those recovering with a leading sports drink.

How It Works

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 “The most important ability is availability. That is tied directly to your health. In order for the body to build up, it has to have the right hormonal levels. It has to have the right nutritional levels. That really is what we started to see with the chocolate milk.”
Andy Cheshire, Doctorate in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and Former High School Football Coach