We promote consumer confidence in dairy foods by sharing the best news out there - that dairy is a real, fresh and satisfying food choice. Dairy foods are made up of natural goodness you can indulge in every day. Our work is both face-to-face and digital, to build trusting relationships with consumers.

  • is the consumer's go-to website to learn more about dairy. Here, we bust dairy myths, share dairy recipes and highlight trending topics. The website also allows consumers to "meet" the farm families who work 365 days a year to provide them with the dairy products they love.
  • Social Media. We're commited to reaching consumers where they already are: online. With a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and e-newsletters, Dairy MAX reaches dairy consumers and the dairy curious, regardless of what social media channel they may choose, with recipes, coupons, fun facts and other information.
  • The Dairy Discovery Zone (DDZ) mobile exhibit is a fun, family-friendly exhibit that travels to state fairs, rodeos and stock shows across the region to educate consumers about all things dairy. Guests of all ages at the DDZ learn about the farm-to-fridge route through digital engagement as well as hands-on interaction.
  • The Discover Dairy newsletter provides producers and consumers alike with the latest findings in dairy, from recipes and milk-carton crafts to research and community programs.