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Do you need photos or logos to finish a piece about dairy farming and Dairy MAX? Our team would be happy to connect you with the imagery you need.

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Media Contact

For interviews and additional materials, contact Mandy Johnson, Manager, Public Relations

Cell: 972.983.1411


Dairy Farm Videos

Step onto the dairy and into the shoes of the farmers with 360-VR tours and our mini docuseries.

360 Dairy Farm Tour

Fly through this interactive 360-degree video and discover the sustainability of milk, cheese and yogurt.

The Calling | Dairy Mini-docuseries

Syke Talsma’s parents told her to try something else; she still came back to the farm that built her.

Facing the Unknown | Dairy Mini-docuseries

We all saw the empty grocery shelves at the start of the pandemic. The Mellemas share the farmers’ side of the story.