Flavored Milk

We know flavored milk is a crucial part of school nutrition: Schools that offer it see better lunch participation, and kids who drink it have better overall diets – plus, flavored milk in schools has less sugar than flavored milk in grocery stores.

Now, there’s even better news.

1% Flavored Milk Is Back

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) now allows all schools to offer low-fat (1%) flavored milk in school lunches, breakfast and Smart Snacks – and for children age 6 and older in the Child and Adult Care Food Program and Special Milk Program.1

Why add 1% flavored milk to your menus?

  • Improving students’ overall milk experience through additional options, merchandising and more has been shown to increase average daily participation (ADP).2
  • Milk’s unique nutrient package can be difficult to replace in a healthy eating pattern,3 so options that promote milk consumption could help close students’ nutrient gap.4
  • School milk consumption may increase. Adding back the menu option that was removed by the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act could reverse the decline in milk consumption observed by the Food and Nutrition Service of the USDA during lunch among elementary, middle and high school National School Lunch Program participants.
“I absolutely believe it was a good decision to switch from fat free to 1% milk to elevate the quality of product and improve student satisfaction - which is customer satisfaction. Why would anyone in a service-oriented business not want that?”
Dani Sheffield
Executive Director of Child Nutrition Services, Aldine ISD

Over 300 schools* implemented 1% flavored milk in 2017-2018.

  • 58% saw an increase in milk sold
  • 82% reported that it was easy / very easy to fit within calorie maximums
  • 79% reported that it was easy / very easy to fit within budgets
  • Nearly a third saw an increase in ADP in meal programs, and so received additional federal reimbursements
  • Students in 73% of the schools liked 1% flavored milk better

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How to get 1% Flavored Milk in Your School

  • Contact your school’s milk processor. Let them know there is a demand for 1% flavored milk, so you can get the ball rolling on cost estimates and budget approvals.
  • Use our handout. Access the stats about flavored milk, and tips on marketing 1% flavored to your students and their parents. Download

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*Volume Impact from Reintroduction of 1% Flavored Milk study conducted by Dairy MAX represented three districts reaching over 121,467 students.

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