Broadening Horizons - Regional Dairy Farm Tours

Mar 15, 2018
group looking over a carousel milker

Showing is sometimes better than telling. So as part of our ongoing effort to educate consumers about where their food comes from, we were able to get dairy farmers involved. More than 3,625 people participated in dairy tours across the region, providing consumers the opportunity to see firsthand what goes into caring for the cows and ensuring the production of milk that’s safe and nutritious.

We invited several processors, food bank representatives, doctors, dietitians and other healthcare providers to tour dairy operations in Lubbock and Stephenville, Texas, as well as Belen, New Mexico. We also hosted two influential bloggers on a dairy farm tour in support of the Undeniably Dairy initiative with Dairy Management Inc. The bloggers gained farm-to-table knowledge that helped them write better online content about the benefits of dairy ingredients.

Overall, onsite visits converted some participants’ sentiment on dairy from “neutral” to “positive” while others went from “positive” to “very positive.”