Dairy MAX Celebrates National Dairy Month

Jun 1, 2022
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Dairy MAX kicks off month-long celebration for National Dairy Month

For some, June is the beginning of summer when kids are out of school and families are planning a vacation, but for dairy farmers it is the start of National Dairy Month. This month-long celebration recognizes the commitment dairy farmers have to their animals, their land and their communities. Dairy MAX, a non-profit dairy council representing more than 900 dairy farm families across eight states, will commemorate the annual month-long event by sharing the great news of dairy – a delicious and nutritious, cost-efficient food produced by the original environmental stewards, farmers.

“Dairy farmers take pride in providing nutritious food for their communities,” says Rick Podtburg, Dairy MAX Chairman of the Board and a Colorado dairy farmer. “National Dairy Month is not only a month to honor dairy farmers, but all individuals who support the dairy industry and the cows too.”

Dairy farms contribute nutritious food, jobs, income and support to their local communities. More than two million U.S. jobs are created by the agriculture industry, with every dollar generated from dairy farming having an impact of seven times greater in the local community. The overall economic impact of dairy foods in the U.S. is nearly $200 billion, which goes back to serving the local, state and national economies.

National Dairy Month recognizes the dairy industry and its significant contribution to feeding the world. The celebration was started by dairy distributors and grocer organizations in 1937 and has grown into an annual tradition. Although June is the official National Dairy Month, Dairy MAX works year-round to promote the dairy industry through events and sharing resources about the goodness of dairy to families, schools, health professionals, athletes, and partners.

“Not only is dairy good for our communities and the planet but is good for our people too. Dairy provides 13 essential nutrients and is a great choice for rehydration as we go into the summer,” said Marty McKinzie, Dairy MAX chief growth officer. “The impact of dairy doesn’t end there, dairy farmers are committed to taking care of their animals and environment for future generations to enjoy.”

Dairy farmers are just as committed to giving back through their work as they are to giving back to the communities they call home. Dairy MAX will partner with regional blood centers for the tenth annual Passion for Pints Blood Drive to celebrate National Dairy Month. Local dairy farmers will be present at select drives to visit with community members about dairy foods and how milk is sustainably produced on the farm. As a bonus, blood donors will receive giveaway items, including a commemorative t-shirt, stress-relief cow squeeze toy, recipe book featuring dairy foods, and dairy products for post-blood donation recovery at select locations.

Not every month is dairy month, but let’s celebrate every day like it is. Join dairy farmers in celebrating National Dairy Month and visit DairyDiscoveryZone.com to learn more or for additional resources.

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About Dairy MAX

Founded more than 40 years ago, Dairy MAX is one of the leading regional dairy councils in America – representing more than 900 dairy farmers and serving communities in eight states: Colorado, southwest Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, western Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. A nonprofit organization, Dairy MAX is part of a nationwide effort to promote American agriculture, support dairy farming and drive impact for every dairy farmer. The organization operates five audience outreach programs: business development, consumer marketing, health and wellness, industry image and relations and school marketing. For more information about Dairy MAX and its team of experts, visit DairyMAX.org. Dairy resources and delicious recipes are available at DairyDiscoveryZone.com.