Dairy MAX Celebrates National Dairy Month This June

May 13, 2024
2024 National Dairy Month

A Tribute to U.S. Dairy Farm Families and the Nutritional Power of Dairy

This June Dairy MAX celebrates more than 85 years of National Dairy Month, a month honoring our dairy farmers, their cows and the invaluable contributions they make to our communities. Dating back to 1937 June was originally named National Milk Month to promote and distribute milk during the warm summer months. This month-long recognition has since grown into a celebration of the dairy community’s substantial impact on sustainable nutrition and the economy. 

“We, as farmers, take great pride in providing nutritious food to our communities while taking care of our animals and being good stewards of the land,” said Mary Kraft, chairman of the board at Dairy MAX and a Colorado dairy farmer. “National Dairy Month is a time to honor not just dairy farmers, but to recognize dairy’s impact beyond nutrition, contributing to job creation and economic stimulation. Dairy farms help to build and grow rural America, supporting more than three million jobs that account for more than $40 billion in direct wages.”

National Dairy Month is an opportunity to thank dairy farmers for their dedication to delivering responsibly produced, nutritious dairy foods that nourish our schools, families and communities. With 94 percent of dairy farms being family-owned and operated, the dairy community embodies a legacy of family tradition, environmental stewardship and agricultural excellence. Dairy farmers not only emphasize the health and comfort of their cows through regular veterinary care, healthy living conditions and a nutritious diet, but they also work diligently to secure their farms and the milk supply in order to maintain the highest quality of dairy production for our communities. Farmers understand the importance of sustainability and preserving the land to pass on to future generations. Sustainability practices involve responsibly caring for the farm through water conservation, reducing energy consumption and developing renewable energy sources. This commitment ensures the long-term viability of their farms, protecting a legacy of environmental stewardship for generations to come.

“Witnessing the sacrifices our farmers make to nourish their communities has been truly inspiring. Dairy farmers are committed to being environmentally responsible and understand the importance of protecting our natural resources,” said Todd Green, vice president of industry image and relations at Dairy MAX. “As we enter the 87th year of National Dairy Month, it's crucial to recognize the perseverance and essential role of every farmer.”

The numerous benefits found in milk, yogurt and cheese are also highlighted during National Dairy Month. Dairy is not only a source of calcium and potassium, but also provides 13 essential vitamins and minerals. These nutrients contribute to overall health benefits including improved bone health, immune function, muscle growth and recovery, and lower the risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and depression. 

Dairy MAX, representing over 900 dairy farm families across eight states, recognizes the unwavering commitment dairy farmers provide to their animals, land and communities. Dairy farmers’ efforts in conservation and sustainable practices along with leading future generations of farmers highlight the impact of their work and the significance of this month-long celebration. This June, as we celebrate National Dairy Month, Dairy MAX invites the public to join in honoring dairy farmers and the vital role dairy plays in our lives. For more information and resources on National Dairy Month, visit DairyDiscoveryZone.com


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