New Campaign Connects With Consumer Interests

Sep 8, 2020
New Campaign Connects With Consumer Interests

For the last 12 years, “Our Land, Our Cows, Our Passion” has been Dairy MAX’s platform to connect people with the dairy farm families behind nutritious dairy foods. It has served as more than a tagline, but as a declaration of dairy farmers’ commitment to their animals, the environment and the communities they call home. And through videos, farm family profiles, recipes and community events, “Our Land, Our Cows, Our Passion” helped bridge that farm-to-table gap for consumers.

Dairy MAX is launching a refreshed “Our Land, Our Cows, Our Passion” campaign to help people across the eight-state region connect with dairy in a new way – especially during a time when families are interested in going back to the basics of real food, real people and real experiences.

“The desire for consumers to know where their food comes from is always top of mind, but so is the need for dairy farmers to share their passion and be heard locally,” said Marty McKinzie, vice president of industry image and relations for Dairy MAX. “We are excited to launch a revamped campaign to remain relevant and continue making dairy farmers the heroes.”

Supplying the Nutrition, and Information, Curious Consumers Need

Sharing dairy’s story has remained a focus, with the average consumer being three or four generations removed from farming. People today are more curious than ever about where their food comes from, how animals are cared for and what effect dairy farming has on the environment. A survey conducted by the Hartman Group in 2019 found that 70% of adults reported making purchase decisions based on sustainability at least some of the time, and 51% purchased sustainable products because they believe them to be better for the environment.

The rise of curiosity has also come with increased connectivity through social media, leading Dairy MAX to spread dairy goodness throughout the digital space. Social media content like videos, recipes, cooking tips and farm facts reached nearly 9 million impressions in 2019. Stakeholder and consumer websites, and, were also redesigned to inspire, educate and engage stakeholders, dairy advocates and everyone in between.

New Look, Same Message

The new “Our Land, Our Cows, Our Passion” campaign will have a modernized logo and video showcasing sights and sounds from local dairy farms to illustrate how farmers care for their land and cows, reaching people through social media and search advertising. The landing page,, lives within Dairy MAX’s website and highlights the dairy industry’s generations-long commitment to farming sustainably and caring for its communities. 

“People want to make good, informed decisions when it comes to their food,” said Kaci McClatchy Creel, vice president of corporate communications for Dairy MAX. “Our goal is to connect people with the process and with farm families who get dairy to their table in creative ways that resonate.”

The second phase will come next year in a series of documentary-style videos going behind the scenes of dairy farms across the region. The look and feel of the refreshed campaign will also take the form of milk tanker decals that can be found soon on a highway near you, focusing on milk’s essential nutrient package, affordable price and sustainability.  


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