One Easy Trick to Get Kids to Drink More Milk

Dec 14, 2015
One Easy Trick to Get Kids to Drink More Milk

In a country where 20 percent of kids experience food insecurity, yet 18 percent are obese, it’s distressing to see cafeteria trash bins brimming with unfinished bottles of nutrient-rich, low-fat milk.

But there’s one simple thing school cafeterias can do to make milk more appealing to students:

Keep it colder.

Even a few degrees can make a huge difference.

  • Cold milk tastes better. Milk tastes better at an “ice-cold” 35°F-40°F, just above freezing. 
  • Cold milk lasts longer. For every five-degree rise in temperature over 40°F, the shelf life of milk is cut in half. The optimum temperature is 35°F to keep milk the freshest for the longest amount of time.
  • 70 percent of girls and 60 percent of boys ages 6 – 11 don’t get enough calcium. Milk is one of the world’s richest sources of calcium, with 300 mg in every 8-ounce serving – not to mention its other eight essential nutrients.

Get the tools to Strive for 35°

The Strive for 35° initiative provides schools with the tools and information they need to keep milk colder – and get more students to drink it. You can take the pledge right now to order your free kit.