Roddy's Summit Experience

Jul 28, 2016
Roddy at Fuel Up to Play 60 summit

My experience at the summit this year was amazing! I got to hang out with four different NFL football players: the McCorty brothers, David Bruton, and Johnny Hecker. At the summit, there were many contests for the ambassadors to participate in. These contests focused on team building, creativity, and sharpening communication skills and leadership skills.

I had tons of fun and learned a lot too. I learned about how to get kids to eat healthy without them knowing it. One example is taking a food kids love and adding a healthy twist to amp up the nutrition. I also learned about different physical activities to get kids moving throughout the day in class. Some examples are stretch breaks and dance breaks.  Also you can get your class to participate better by getting their input on which activity they want to do.  Just make sure to get approval from your principal for any new activities. The goal is for the whole school to stay active throughout the day.

The summit helped me create plans to improve my school’s Fuel Up to Play 60 program.  Some ideas include a breakfast/lunch cart with healthy choices that provide a quick, healthy way to fuel up.  I also plan on hosting the kick-off campaign at school ‘’For the Love of Play’’ to get kids interested in their own physical activity in and out of school.

The focus of the ‘’For the Love of Play’’ campaign will involve as much physical activity as possible but still be enjoyable for middle schoolers. My team will split the school in half where one group is outside for half the time and the other group is inside. I also plan on creating as many advertisements as possible to get kids excited about coming to the campaign. Lastly, I plan on seeing if the Denver Broncos’ mascot Miles would be able to come to make the campaign more exciting.

I love everything about Fuel Up to Play 60. I have always been that “fit kid” at school, but Fuel Up reinforces the importance of staying active and eating healthy. This program has taught me there are many ways to stay active, not just by participating in team sports.  My favorite part is the activities designed to help your school become a healthier place. I enjoy the hard work I put in to help my school. This program has helped me become a better leader and I enjoy showing younger students a healthier path to follow. Also this program has made me want to make my school a better place so students can impact others in a positive way.

To those who are not yet in Fuel Up to Play 60, I suggest you sign up right after reading this.  It will truly change your life. The experiences you will have are full of endless fun.  If you want learn how to be healthy and help make your community and school a better place, then this is the program for you!

About the Author

Roddy Fuel Up to Play 60 ambassador

Roddy is the 2014-15 Colorado Fuel Up to Play 60 State Ambassador and a 2015-16 National Ambassador.