Singing Along to A Sustainable Symphony

Feb 1, 2021
Sustainable Symphony

Generations before “recycling” and “sustainability” were popular buzzwords, dairy farmers were working hard to do more with less, caring for cows and land to preserve the future of the planet as well as their families. Now that consumers are seeking out eco- friendly products, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off dairy’s incredible advances – inspiring Dairy MAX to launch a refreshed “Our Land, Our Cows, Our Passion” campaign that bridges the farm- to-table gap in a new way.


People are more curious than ever about where their food comes from, how animals are cared for and what effect dairy farming has on the environment. A survey conducted by The Hartman Group in 2019 found that 70% of adults reported making purchase decisions based on sustainability at least some of the time, and 51% purchased sustainable products because they believe them to be better for the environment.


Our new campaign leverages growing consumer interest in getting back to the basics of real food, real people and real experiences. A refreshed logo and “Sustainable Symphony” video showcases sights and sounds from local dairy farms to deliver a musical message with staying power. The landing page,, highlights the real numbers behind the dairy industry’s generations- long commitment to sustainability and community.


To date, we generated 75,135 views from our 15-second videos and delivered 15,550 link clicks.


Supporting all of this is ongoing social media content, including #DairyAmazing recipes, cooking tips and farm facts - delivering 12.6 million impressions in 2020. We also take advantage  of content created by Dairy Management Inc. that promotes similar messaging as part of their “Undeniably Dairy” campaign – more chances to cement dairy farmers’ essential role in nourishing people, communities and the planet.


More to Come in 2021

This year, we also captured footage for a series of more in-depth farmer family profiles, connecting the sustainable story with their human passion for the work, the land and the animals.


“Sustainability to us means passing our farm to the next generation and is what drives us to do

better for our animals and the planet every single day,” said Sieto Mellema, dairy farmer and Dairy MAX board member, who will be featured in next year’s campaign. “It’s important to help consumers understand what goes into getting dairy to the grocery store.”