‘Udderly Cold’ Milk Dispenser Installed at Texas Tech Sports Performance Center

Sep 14, 2023
Coach McGuire with dairy farmers Braden and Marlynke Mikeska.

Texas Tech University to Pioneer Milk Dispenser for Student-Athletes

Regional dairy council Dairy MAX, in collaboration with Gandy's Dairy, installed a refrigerated milk dispenser at the Texas Tech Sports Performance Center. This installation is a significant step towards fostering excellence in nutrition and supporting the success of student-athletes in Lubbock.

Texas Tech University, home to more than 400 dedicated student-athletes, welcomed the state-of-the-art milk refrigeration technology. The system, known as the Udderly Cold milk dispenser, ensures the delivery of fresh milk through refrigerated lines, dispensed at a refreshingly cool 35 degrees Fahrenheit. With its introduction into the athletic facility, the Udderly Cold milk dispenser empowers student-athletes to fuel their bodies with the high-quality nutrition essential for muscle growth, repair, recovery and hydration.

Gandy’s will contribute to this initiative through weekly donations of white and chocolate milk offering the student-athletes access to a range of fresh milk options for use in the cereal bar and smoothie station. The donations symbolize the commitment of dairy farmers and their vital contributions to both the agricultural sector and the overall well-being of their communities.

"We are honored to receive this generous donation. It's a wonderful reminder of the strong connections between our athletic community and the farmers who contribute to our well-being,” said Joey McGuire, head football coach at Texas Tech University. “This milk dispenser will undoubtedly benefit our athletes and staff as they strive for excellence.”

The Udderly Cold milk dispenser is designed for efficiency, offering portion-controlled milk at the touch of a button or a simple wave of the hand. It features a clean-in-place system that requires no disassembly, ensuring proper maintenance and the highest quality milk product. The use of the dispenser will keep athletes properly hydrated and allow them to refuel with a beverage rich in calcium and vitamin D, which are crucial for maintaining strong bones in growing athletes.

"We are committed to athlete nutrition and excited to collaborate with Gandy's in introducing the Udderly Cold milk dispenser at the Texas Tech Athletics training facility," said Will Mallow, director of strategic alliances for Dairy MAX. "This donation on behalf of our dairy farmers exemplifies our shared commitment to supporting student-athletes health and overall performance on the field and in the classroom through access to wholesome dairy options.”

For West Texas dairy farmers like Braden and Marlynke Mikeska of Amherst, this initiative represents the power of collaboration and community support. “The donation of this milk dispenser to the Texas Tech Athletic Department is a statement of dairy farmers’ commitment to our local communities and the athletes who represent our region,” Marlynke Mikeska said. “Cow's milk stands as the ideal sports recovery drink, delivering ultimate nutritional value. We take pride in providing this natural powerhouse to our local athletes, ensuring they have the nourishment they need to excel.”

The dairy industry in West Texas is a significant and thriving sector within the state's broader agricultural landscape and a vital component of the regional economy. Texas Tech University’s Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources plays a significant role in supporting and advancing the dairy industry in West Texas and beyond through research, innovation, education and outreach. This Dairy MAX initiative highlights the dairy farm families who are committed to giving back to the communities in which they live. To find out more visit www.DairyMAX.org.