Milk Purchase Model

This program, a part of Dairy Nourishes America, is a partnership between Feeding America food banks and local milk brands that helps provide a constant supply of fresh milk to food banks and their agency partners at an affordable price. Over 730,000 gallons of milk have already been delivered. Payment for the milk is submitted from the agency partners to the food bank and from the food bank to the milk brand. 

Who can apply?

Dairy organizations, such as dairy farmers, dairy cooperatives and independent dairy processors, provide a steady supply of milk to food banks/agencies at an established price.

Food banks purchase a consistent amount of milk directly from milk brands at an affordable price, providing agency partners, such as food pantries and soup kitchens, with regular access to nutrient-rich milk. 

Agency partners, such as food pantries and soup kitchens, increase clients’ access to nutrient-rich milk, helping meet F2E requirements. Agency partners must track receipt and distribution of milk to clients, maintaining a minimum quantity of milk per order.

Also involved is your regional dairy council, who provides connections between food banks and processors to work out a contractual agreement. Councils cannot negotiate pricing. 

  • We can offer aid to secure funding for Milk Purchase Model through grants, sponsorships and consumer donations (e.g., providing coolers in return for the establishment of a Milk Purchase Model program).
  • We can offer health and wellness materials to food banks to distribute to clients. 

How to apply

Contact Dairy MAX and we can support making initial connections. 

Program dates

Currently open and accepting proposals



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Last updated: Sept. 10, 2020