Marketing Moo-lah

Marketing Moo-lah provides ways to increase dairy consumption through promotion, education and engagement.

Here are some examples:

  • Flavored Milk. Offer education and promotion of flavored milk as a healthy beverage.
  • Taste Testing. Promote new or current dairy items on the school menu. 
  • Dairy Farmer or Farming Education. Educate about Farm to School or Farm to Plate.
  • Value Meals. Borrow from popular restaurant lingo to add on a healthy item to a meal. For example, milk at a salad bar or a salad with a slice of pizza. 
  • Milk Mustache Booth. Make milk fun with photos of student milk mustaches. 
  • Drink Milk and Recycle. Develop a campaign to encourage kids to drink milk and protect the environment by recycling. 
  • Top School Chef Dairy Recipe Contest. Run a contest for students and staff to submit their favorite dairy recipes and conduct a schoolwide vote and cook-off. 
  • Ready, Set, Dairy! Hold a competition between schools or grade levels for dairy consumption. 
  • Cafeteria Restyle. Redesign your cafeteria/dining equipment using signage, menu boards, tables, kiosks, booths and more.


  • Increases: Participation; sales of milk, cheese, yogurt and à la carte items
  • Enhances: Dining space, school meal image
  • Engages: Students, teachers, athletics nutrition staff, whole school, community
  • Enables: Drinkability, more access to food
  • Reduces: Student tardiness, nurse visits, behavior issues
  • Improves: Your bottom line


  1. What are your goals (i.e., increase dairy sales, increase meal participation, introduce a new menu item, etc.)? 
  2. How will you increase dairy sales? 
  3. What do you need for your promotion? 
  4. How will you track your success? Will you track sales? Will you conduct surveys? 
  5. How will you promote your success? 

You could use the funds for:

  • Merchandise, coolers and incentives
  • Marketing and nutrition education materials
  • Blenders and cafeteria equipment
  • Taste testing events
  • Recycling
  • Cameras and printer
“I believe in the power of milk for a child’s healthy bone and teeth development. However, our district offered punch and milk for lunch and most of the students chose punch. I felt it was important to come up with some way to assure kids incorporated milk in their daily diet. Therefore, “Moo Day” was created. We featured signage throughout the school that suggested ways to incorporate milk into students’ daily diet. For students who chose milk during lunch, we had a drawing for prizes. In order to enter the contest, students had to decorate a chug, jug or carton or any other item that at one time contained milk. It’s a very successful promotion and something students in this district look forward to!”
Linda Robertson, School Nutrition Supervisor
Ector County ISD, Odessa, TX

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Operators that serve flavored milk (fat-free or low-fat) must serve also white milk (fat-free or low-fat).

Funding and Reimbursement 

If conducting a taste testing as part of the implementation, funding is limited to $1.00 per student enrolled for the taste testing. Please note that taste testings are to support the inclusion of foods on the school menu.