Milk Makeover

Sometimes, getting kids to drink more milk is as simple as changing the packaging. Our Milk Makeover helps you switch to plastic bottles instead of wax paperboard cartons. Plastic packaging is more appealing and easier to use (no straws needed)! With reduced leakage, your milk coolers will stay cleaner and your cafeteria point of sale and merchandising will reap the benefits of your Milk Makeover!


  • Increases: Participation, sales of milk
  • Enhances: Dining space, school meal image
  • Engages: Students, athletics, nutrition staff
  • Enables: Drinkability, cleaner coolers
  • Improves: Your bottom line


  1. What kind of plastic milk bottles and what sizes/flavors/fat levels are available? 
  2. Do you need to seek bids or issue a request for proposal for plastic bottles? 
  3. What are your sales projections? 
  4. What merchandising, recycling or cafeteria restyle equipment do you need? 
  5. How will you promote your milk makeover? 

Helpful Tips 

  • Your Dairy MAX School Wellness Consultant can visit your school to suggest appropriate equipment such as merchandise, recycling bins and cafeteria restyle equipment. 
  • If needed, Dairy MAX can also assist in the purchasing process so the district can avoid going out for bids or getting new companies on the approved vendor lists. 

You could use the funds for:

  • Merchandise, coolers and incentives
  • Marketing materials
  • Cafeteria equipment
  • Staff
  • Taste testing events
  • Recycling
“Milk Makeover may look like it costs more, but nutritious choices with enhanced presentations encourage kids to choose the appealing plastic bottles. Often, bottles put money back into the program through increased participation and a la carte sales.”
Melanie Konarik, M.S., SNS
Spring ISD, Houston, TX

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Dairy MAX funds cannot be used to purchase milk for meal programs or to offset increased cost of milk in plastic bottles. Milk portion sizes, fat and sugar levels must comply with state and federal regulations for school meals, à la carte and competitive foods. 

Funding and Reimbursement 

Funds cannot be used to purchase food sold in meal programs or offset the price of milk in plastic bottles.