Milk Your Imagination

Milk Your Imagination allows you to propose your own dairy growth initiative for funding. Nutrition directors will need to demonstrate clearly how their idea will impact dairy sales. Creativity, student engagement, marketing power and thinking outside the box are all highly encouraged!


  1. How will you increase dairy consumption? 
  2. Have you discussed your ideas with your Dairy MAX school wellness consultant for guidance? 
  3. Do you need to include photos, spec sheets, diagrams or drawings to help describe your idea?
  4. Will you track ADP before and after your implementation? 
  5. How will you promote your success? 

Helpful Tips 

  • Talk to your peers about innovative ideas. 
  • Take cues from grocery stores, restaurants and retail locations for marketing and product placement. 
  • Connect with student classes or clubs interested in marketing or design to help with ideas.
“We have seen very creative ideas from schools over the years. We’ve seen schools create new menu items with a focus on fun and appealing packaging. Cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit, a whole grain item and milk were offered as a healthy and quick vegetarian meal for students. Hand-held salads in a cup with cheese and yogurt dressing, paired with milk, made an easy and appetizing grab 'n' go item. Funding can help bring your ideas into reality. It is exciting to see the innovation!”
School Marketing Team, Dairy MAX

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New menu items should fit within the state and federal meal, à la carte and competitive food guidelines. 

Funding and Reimbursement 

Funding cannot be used for food being sold in meal programs, disposable items or labor.