Professional Standards Training

As a leader in school wellness and nutrition science, Dairy MAX offers free trainings to help you enhance your nutrition or physical activity program and meet your district’s wellness goals. All trainings are virtual and meet either USDA Professional Standards requirements or continuing professional education requirements.

Check out our insightful and engaging sessions below.

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Accommodating Special Diets

Resources available in both English and Spanish

Key Area: 1000 - Nutrition

Topic: 1100 - Menu Planning

  • Highlight diets that increase dairy consumption
  • Educate all levels of child nutrition staff on food allergies and help them discern a dairy allergy from a dairy intolerance
  • Provide tips for parents when they receive doctor diagnoses

From the Farm Gate to the School Meal Plate

Key Area: 1000 - Nutrition

Topic: 1200 - Nutrition Education

  • Discover the benefits of a farm-to-school program
  • Get equipped to successfully implement a farm-to-school program
  • Share the Dairy MAX Farm-to-School Curriculum and resources

A Road Map to Meals in the Classroom

Key Area: 3000 - Administration

Topics: 3500 - Facilities and Equipment Planning / 3200 - Program Management

  • Explore different Alternative Meal Service Models and how they can help you maximize meal service while following safety guidelines
  • Identify the right Alternative Meal Service Model for your program
  • Discover ways to repurpose existing equipment to support Alternative Meals Service Models and learn about new equipment options

Fueling Great Students: Communication and Connection Through Multimedia

Key Area: 400 - Communications and Marketing

Topic: 4100 - Communications and Marketing

  • Learn to market school food service programs to students, families and community on multiple platforms
  • Discover the importance of quality food photography in nutrition marketing
  • Leverage storytelling to build understanding, trust and connection to dairy

Nutrition Education to Help Students Thrive

Resources available in both English and Spanish

Key Area: 1000 - Nutrition

Topic: 1200 - Nutrition Education

  • Highlight the school nutrition program’s role in meeting wellness policy requirements
  • Provide your team with dairy education tools, such as lesson plans and keywords for online resources
  • Learn how to create your own recorded demos, taste tests and surveys

Chill Out: Ensuring Food Safety

Resources available in both English and Spanish

Key Area: 2000 - Operations

Topics: 2500 - Receiving and Storage / 2600 - Food Safety and HACCP

  • Examine why food safety is a top priority in school nutrition programs
  • Learn the best practices for keeping foods at the correct temperatures and out of the “danger zone,” no matter what service model you use
  • Discover ways to maintain food safety while adapting meal service due to COVID-19

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