Sensational s'MOOthies

Smoothies are a cool and unique way to sneak essential nutrients into students' diets. They can be served during breakfast, lunch or supper services as part of the reimbursable or à la carte options. Smoothies are also a great addition to various school functions like family fitness nights, health fairs, sporting events, fundraising activities and more!


  • Increases: Participation; sales of milk, yogurt and à la carte items
  • Enhances: Dining space, school meal image
  • Engages: Students, nutrition staff
  • Improves: Your bottom line


  1. Will smoothies be a part of a reimbursable meal or à la carte option?
  2. What type of equipment will you need?
  3. Will your staff need training on recipe preparation or how to use the blender?
  4. What kind of smoothie recipes would you like to test with students?
  5. How will you promote the smoothies?

Helpful Tips

  • Use an immersion blender to make preparation quick and easy. Immersion blenders are a great way to prepare large quantity recipes without additional labor.
  • Use frozen fruit or ice to help increase smoothie thickness. Make sure to adjust smoothie size to accommodate additional volume of ice.
  • Offer flavored milk in place of white milk for added variety.


You could use the funds for: 

  • Merchandise, coolers and incentives
  • Marketing materials
  • Kiosks and tables
  • Cafeteria equipment
  • Staff training
  • Taste testing events

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Milk and fruit can be credited in smoothies prepared by program operators to meet meal pattern requirements for any meal served under child nutrition programs. Vegetables cannot be credited in a smoothie. Grains and meat/meat alternatives (including yogurt) may not be credited when served as a beverage. Please refer to the USDA memo on smoothies to determine if the recipe you are using can be credited on the reimbursable meal pattern.

Funding and Reimbursement

If conducting a taste testing as part of the implementation, funding is limited to $1.00 per student enrolled in the school for the taste testing. Please note that taste testings are to support the inclusion of smoothies on the school menu and will not be funded unless there is a sustainable program being added to the school nutrition program.