Super Supper

Most after-school programs serve a snack to keep children focused throughout the afternoon. But many children eat lunch hours before the after-school program, sometimes as early as 10:30 in the morning, and they need more than just a snack to make it through the afternoon. The Supper Program provides a healthy meal after school hours for eligible students.


  • Increases: Participation; sales of milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Enhances: School meal image
  • Engages: Students, teachers, nutrition staff, whole school
  • Enables: More access to food
  • Reduces: Nurse visits, behavior issues
  • Improves: Academic performance, your bottom line


  1. What are your free and reduced numbers?
  2. How early is your first lunch period?
  3. How many students attend after-school programs?
  4. Do you have the support of your principal and staff?
  5. How will your staff’s roles and responsibilities change?
  6. How will you record meals served (i.e., checklist, roster, POS terminal, etc.)?

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