Adrian Castresana

Adrian Castresana

Director, Consumer Experience and Events


Adrian Castresana has more than 15 years of experience in consumer engagement, working for firms including The Marketing Arm and GMR Marketing. As a child athlete growing up, dairy and more specifically milk, was a huge part of his daily diet and today as a parent of two young children, Adrian incorporates dairy into the family's daily diet. He joined Dairy MAX in 2019, excited to merge his work background with his personal dietary choices, to spearhead engaging experiences that connect consumers with the dairy they eat and the farmers who produce it. Originally from Chicago, he now lives in Dallas with his wife and two daughters.

Favorite healthy breakfast: 

Yogurt parfait when I’m traveling, or pancakes with cold chocolate milk when I’m at home.

What always makes you laugh: 

My two daughters (ages 8 and 5). More of their individual personalities are coming out and their comments about what is going on around them are hilarious.

Your food/nutrition mentor growing up: 

My mother. She is a fantastic cook and baker. No matter the day, lack of time or amount of people, my mother would always make sure we had a full and delicious meal.