Jennie McDowell

Jennie McDowell

Chief Strategy Officer


Jennie McDowell grew up on a farm in Wyoming and got her first horse at age 3. While earning her Bachelor of Arts in psychology at New Mexico State University, she worked at restaurants, and soon took over a restaurant and catering operation in New Mexico. Jennie later traveled to New Zealand to earn her Master of Business Administration from the University of Otago, where she also served as a business strategy consultant and helped develop the first authentic Chinese Garden in the southern hemisphere. Jennie now lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and is thrilled to help Dairy MAX support American agriculture and promote a product she’s proud of. 

Favorite healthy breakfast: 
Egg white and spinach with cheddar cheese cooked in the microwave for 2:30 mins. Life changing.

Favorite physical activity: 
Orange Theory Fitness.

Your food/nutrition mentor growing up: 
Mom – she always made us “put something green” in everything we ate.