Julie Stefko

Julie Stefko

Director of School Marketing, Sales and Operations


Julie Stefko finds Dairy MAX to be the perfect intersection of two lifelong passions, from her childhood in a rural community – where she developed a deep appreciation for famers – to her 20-year career in youth physical activity and wellness. 


Originally from Indianola, Iowa, Julie earned a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology at the University of Wyoming and a Master of Science from Texas Woman’s University. She went on to serve as a physical education teacher and head volleyball coach at McKinney Independent School District, associate director of youth initiatives at The Cooper Institute, and portfolio advisor for healthy living at the American Heart Association. Through her passions and work life, Julie has earned the Susan B. Sterling Ph.D. Award at The Cooper Institute and the Commissioner’s Award from the City of McKinney Athletics Department. Julie joined Dairy MAX in 2021 and now lives in Dallas with her husband, Michael, and their son.


One food you’d want if stranded on a desert island: Pizza.


What always makes you laugh: My 5-year-old son – especially when he tries to tell jokes. During my interview process with Dairy MAX, he came home from his school with this one and it was so timely and precious how he delivered it: “What is a cow’s favorite drink? A smoooothie!” 


Your food/nutrition mentor growing up: My mom worked hard to always prepare nutritious home-cooked meals that included a rainbow of colors and a cold glass of milk. I enjoyed helping her in the kitchen, and she was always supportive of trying new recipes. Our family also valued family mealtime together. I find myself striving to instill both in my family today.