Kamy Whatley

Kamy Whatley

Territory Manager, Industry Image & Relations 


Kamy joins the Dairy MAX team with 20 years of experience in the agriculture industry. Having been involved in production agriculture all of her life, Kamy is passionate about advocating for agriculture and educating consumers so they can make informed decisions. She believes there is no other group of people that work harder than those involved in production agriculture and she feels very connected to those that produce food for the world. She most recently taught Agriculture Science to the students at Groom ISD, but she has also served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Graduate Research Assistant in Meat Science and Muscle Biology and Ag Education and Communications at her alma mater, Texas Tech University. Kamy also spends time helping her husband, CJ, around the family farm and particularly with their chemical herbicide company. She enjoys volunteering with 4-H students, Alpha Mu Xi and presiding over the Carson County 4-H Adult Leaders Association. When she’s not busy with her volunteer efforts you can find her experimenting with smoking various meats. Kamy and her husband reside in Groom, TX with their four children. 


  • Best advice you’ve ever received: Mistakes are often the greatest teachers. 

  • Favorite healthy breakfast: Cheese omelets are the best! 

  • Your food/nutrition mentor growing up: My grandmother. She always took time to let us explore different foods we didn’t traditionally eat.