Marty McKinzie

Marty McKinzie

Chief Operating Officer 


Marty McKinzie has a passion for agriculture and deep ties to dairy. He grew up active in 4-H and FFA, while helping family members on their dairy farms. With a Bachelor of Science in agricultural development and a Master of Education in agricultural education from Texas A&M University, he enjoys sharing dairy’s story and working with dairy farmers to help them share improvements in dairy production and the tremendous gains in sustainability for dairy. Marty joined Dairy MAX in 2008 after previously serving as an agriculture teacher and lender. He now lives in Stephenville, Texas and is very proud of his three children. 

Favorite healthy breakfast: 
Two eggs, ham and whole-wheat toast with a big glass of chocolate milk.

Favorite physical activity: 

Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten: 
Cauliflower. Yes, it is weird; trust me.