Matthew Winterholler

Matthew Winterholler

Manager, Business Development Communications


Matthew Winterholler first discovered his interest in the agriculture industry as a teen through 4-H and FFA – and has spent his entire career as an advocate for agriculturalists. Matthew holds an associate’s degree in animal science from Casper College in Wyoming and a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University – plus several awards and six years of experience working for checkoff-related organizations, including the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. He is now pursuing a master's degree in public relations at the University of Florida. Now at Dairy MAX, he uses his expertise in communications to help build relationships with processors, food banks and more. Matthew lives in LaSalle, Colorado, and enjoys fishing, photography, reading and spending time with his fiancé and two dogs.

One food you’d want if stranded on a desert island:

A good cheeseburger.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten:

Pickled pigs’ feet.

Your food/nutrition mentor growing up:

My dad; he’s my go-to for cooking questions.