Naman Khanna

Naman Khanna

Salesforce Manager


Naman Khanna has a mind for systems and a heart for the Dairy MAX mission. An IT professional for nearly 10 years, he holds certifications in Salesforce; financial management; and Scrum, a framework used to develop agile systems in software and the workplace in general. Originally from New Delhi, India, Naman earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Delhi before moving to Irving to work as a Salesforce consultant for the Hertz Corporation. He joined the Dairy MAX team in 2021, drawn to the opportunity to work in a managerial role for an organization that supports farmers and nutrition across communities. Naman now lives in Dallas and in his spare time enjoys traveling, cooking, and even designing cars.


Favorite physical activity: Swimming.


One food you’d want if stranded on a desert island: Butter chicken and naan.


Best advice you’ve ever received: Don't run behind success. Run behind something called excellence. Eventually, success will come running behind you.