Sandra Hoyt Stenmark, MD, FAAP

Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Dr. Sandra Hoyt Stenmark is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Currently she serves on several boards and workgroups that promote food security: The Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger, The Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council, The Nutrition and Obesity Policy and Evaluation Network’s (NOPREN) Food Security Task Force, The Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council and The Children’s Hospital Food Policy Council. She recently co-chaired the Denver Food Assistance Task Force with Todd Jorgensen, Deputy Director of Assistance for Denver Human Services. Sandra has testified and advocated for state and federal policies which improves nutritious food access.  

Sandra Hoyt Stenmark practiced clinical medicine for 35 years at Denver Health, Tri-County Health and Kaiser Permanente. She directed Kaiser Permanente’s Pediatric Obesity Prevention and Treatment Program. While working for Kaiser Permanente’s community benefit program, she focused on improving food security, diet quality and strengthening the food system. A Health Affairs blog, Kaiser Permanente Journal and JAMA Pediatric article she authored, highlight lessons learned from implementing food insecurity screening and referral processes in a variety of medical and clinical settings. She presents at state and national conferences on hunger as a health issue and the role of the health system in promoting food security and strengthening the food system. 

Sandra received the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Award for Outstanding Physician in 2007, the Kaiser Permanente National Community Service Award in 2011, the University of Colorado Department of Pediatrics Career Teaching Scholar Award in 2012 and the Kaiser Permanente George Halvorson Community Health Leadership Award in 2019.