Todd Green

Todd Green

Vice President, Industry Image and Relations 


Todd Green has been involved in the agriculture industry his whole life and wanted to do work that adds value to the lives of others, so he joined Dairy MAX in 2022 on a mission to improve the lives of dairy farm families and the communities they serve. Todd brings over 30 years of experience working for companies like Vermeer, Great Plains Manufacturing, Houston Community College and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, with a specialty in beef cattle, hay and forage production. In addition to a teaching certification, he holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science and master’s degree in agricultural development from Texas A&M University.  Todd is very active as a volunteer with the Montgomery County Fair Association and has served as an Executive Board Member and as President.  A native of Conroe, Texas, he now lives in Montgomery with his wife, Patti. They share a daughter, Kacey, and son, Cody.


Favorite healthy breakfast:

Multigrain toast stacked with a slice of cheddar cheese, an over-easy egg, two pieces of bacon and avocado slices alongside a large glass of milk.


Favorite physical activity:

Hunting and fishing.


Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten:

Capybara – not my favorite.