Tips, Tricks & Best Practices with Child Nutrition Peers Webinar!

Breakfast Tray, Dairy, Fruit, Healthy Snacks


Hosted by a panel of experienced professionals in the child nutrition field, this webinar will cover alternative meal services, menu expansion, customer service and more. Attendees will receive valuable information to successfully implement Nutrition NOW programs, along with new recipes to help drive meal participation for their programs.

During webinar registration, attendees will select their first and second choice of breakout. Our team will attempt to honor breakout session preferences where possible; however, some assignments may vary based on the number of attendees, date of registration and number of attendees from the same district.


Did you miss the live webinar? Dairy MAX has you covered. Watch on your time here.

Main Session Recording Link

Breakout Session Recording links:


Save your questions! Don’t miss out on a Q&A session to help answer any remaining questions.

Breakout session leaders:  

  1. Breakfast in the Classroom 
    1. South San ISD 
      1. Debbie Rice MS, RDN, LD- Child Nutrition Director Debbie Rice MS, RDN, LD- Child Nutrition Director 
    2. Garland ISD 
      1. Jennifer Miller-Student Nutrition Services Director 
  2. Grab N Go 
    1. Aurora Public Schools  
      1. Shannon C Solomon MS, SNS-Director Nutrition Services
    2. East Baton Rouge ISD featuring coffee on the line   
      1. Dr. Nadine Mann, PhD, RD, LDN-Child Nutrition Program Director 
      2. Maria Newman-Child Nutrition Program Regional Chef 
  3. Second Chance 
    1. McAllen ISD 
      1.  Alex Molina, Executive Director Child Nutrition & District Purchasing 
    2. Cypress Fairbanks ISD 
      1. Katie Barckholtz, MPH, RD, LD-Marketing and Special Diets Coordinator 
  4. Smoothie Program 
    1. Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD 
      1.  Corina Gonzalez, Child Nutrition Director 
    2. Brownsville ISD 
      1. Jackie Cruz, MS, RD, LD-Director of Food & Nutrition Services 
      2. Nora Navarro, Food Nutrition Services Area Supervisor  
  5. Coffee Program 
    1. Lamar Consolidated ISD 
      1. Kaisha Martelly Molinar, RDN, LD -Assistant Director of Planning 
    2. Colorado Springs District 11 
      1. Jamie Humphrey, RDN- Administrative Dietitian 
  6. Taste Test Testimonial (Main session) 
    1. Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD 
      1. Corina Gonzalez, Child Nutrition Director 
      2. Rodrigo Puente, Child Nutrition Chef 


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