6 Sports Dietitians on Fueling Your Competitive Edge

Nov 18, 2016
6 Sports Dietitians on Fueling Your Competitive Edge

Whether you’re a coach or a parent, you know the huge impact you make on your young athletes – not just on their performance on the field, but on their characters, and even their health.

We’ve got something to help with that.

We gathered a group of sports dietitians to give us the lowdown on what kind of nutrition best fuels performance and recovery in student athletes. Check out these six short videos to learn all about it, and share them with your team at practice.

Staying Hydrated

Sarah Dobkins, M.S., RD, CSSD, explains the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day, and offers some practical tips on taste and more.

Sarah is a registered dietitian and board-certified specialist in sports dietetics, the director of the Pioneer Performance Clinic, and sports dietitian for Texas Woman's University.



Eating Pre- & Post- Workout

Monica Bearden, RD, LD, CSSD, explains how getting the right amounts of nutrients at the right times fuels success.

Monica is a registered dietitian with over 18 years of experience. Currently the director of sports nutrition for Houston Methodist Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, she spends most of her time working with adolescent and adult athletes, as well as coaches and trainers. She also played soccer for the University of Texas at Austin.



Fuel Your Performance

Brittney Bearden, M.Ed., RD, LD, talks about the importance of meal planning and provides ideas even the average high school student will find easy.

Brittney is a sports dietitian for Ben Hogan Sports Medicine, where she works with athletes of all levels to help them reach their highest athletic potential through proper nutrition. She is also the sports dietitian for Southern Methodist University Athletics.



Whey to Build Muscle

Tara Boening, M.S., RD, CSSD, LD, explains what makes whey protein so powerful, and talks about the best ways to incorporate it into meals.

Tara is a registered, licensed dietitian and certified board specialist in sports dietetics, and has 10 years of experience working with athletes of all ages and abilities. Tara has spent time in both the Texas A&M University and University of Houston athletic departments and currently serves as the sports dietitian for the Houston Rockets.



Best Quality Proteins

Kelsey Bencze, M.Ed., RD, explains that not all proteins are created equal, and talks about the easiest ways to include the highest-quality protein in your diet.

Kelsey is an assistant sports dietitian on the university level. Before her move to Texas, Kelsey worked as graduate assistant sports dietitian at Auburn University in Alabama, where she completed a master’s degree in exercise physiology.



Recovering From a Workout

Nancy M. DiMarco, Ph.D., RDN, CSSD, FACSM, talks about the three R’s of recovery – rehydration, repair and replenish – and the one drink that does it all.

Nancy is with Texas Woman’s University where she is director of the Institute for Women’s Health, a professor in the department of nutrition and food sciences, and founder and director of the master’s program in exercise and sports nutrition. She is widely published in the field of nutrition.



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