A Dairy Farmer’s Community Commitment

May 26, 2015
passion for pints logo

The passion driving Texas farmers to provide good cow care and quality milk extends to their local communities during the Passion for Pints Blood Drive. Starting June 1, the month-long blood drive will take place with the help of local dairy farm families and six blood centers across four states.

Since donating one pint of blood can save up to three lives, dairy farmers believe this pint of kindness deserves a gallon thank you. Upon donating blood at any location during June Dairy Month, donors will receive a Passion for Pints t-shirt, and an opportunity to replenish their body with a glass of milk. Donors will also receive a gallon or pint of milk and in some locations, free ice cream.

Volunteers can sign up to donate blood by contacting their local blood center. Times, dates and giveaways of events will vary by location. 

Blood drives will be held in Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Blood center partners for the Passion for Pints Blood Drive include Coffee Memorial Blood Center, the American Red Cross, the Meek Blood Center, the Oklahoma Blood Institute, United Blood Services-Albuquerque, United Blood Services-El Paso, and United Blood Services-Lubbock.

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