Dairy Farmers Serve the Communities They Call Home

Jul 18, 2022
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Since 2013, Dairy MAX has partnered with local blood centers during National Dairy Month to host Passion for Pints blood drives. Blood donations are needed most during the summer months due to high schools and universities that typically host drives being closed. However, Passion for Pints blood drives have been especially important over the last several years as the pandemic has caused blood shortages across the country.

This year over 200 individual blood drives hosted across Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico, highlighted the dairy farmer’s passion to serve their local communities. Over 14,541 total units were donated this year during the Passion for Pints blood drives, which can touch the lives of a possible 43,623 individuals.

“Dairy farmers are committed to serving their neighbors, that is why they work so hard all year to provide safe, wholesome and nutritious dairy foods. However, during National Dairy Month we get the honor of showcasing just how much extra dairy farmers do to serve their communities,” said John Cass, director of industry image and relations for Dairy MAX. “Being able to host blood drives during this time while also sharing the real stories of local dairy farm families is a real privilege.”

With the help of their blood center partners, Dairy MAX has completed nearly 2,500 blood drives over the last ten years and dairy farmers remain just as committed to serving their communities as they did when the drives first started. In addition to serving their communities through the Passion for Pints blood drives, dairy farmers are also the ultimate stewards of our environment, protecting our land, animals and planet while providing our favorite dairy foods.

“My family considers it a great honor to be able to provide our family and friends with dairy foods that are good for them and good for the planet. But being able to also give back and serve our community through initiatives like Passion for Pints is a really incredible and humbling experience,” said Sieto Mellema from Full Circle Jerseys.

One unit of blood can save up to three lives, and since its inception Passion for Pints has received enough blood donation units to affect more than 300,000 lives. Celebrating National Dairy Month by giving back to communities who support the dairy industry is a gesture that dairy farmers find rewarding and worth doing year after year.



About Dairy MAX

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