Dairy MAX Finishes Out 2016 by Building Relationships

Dec 5, 2016
Dairy MAX built key relationships in 2016 and plans to continue growth in 2017.

Looking back on 2016, across the program areas of Dairy MAX, one word comes to mind—relationships. Throughout the past year, the organization created and fostered new and existing relationships with individuals and organizations of all kinds to promote dairy foods.

“One of the most prominent relationships Dairy MAX expanded this year was our partnership with the Dallas Cowboys,” says Mike Konkle, CEO of Dairy MAX.

In October, Dairy MAX was announced as the Official Nutrition Partner of the Dallas Cowboys, with a prominent presence in the Cowboys’ new practice and training facility, The Star. Dairy MAX’s role at The Star promotes a healthy diet—for both athletes and everyday consumers—and dairy’s role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“The Fuel Up Dallas Cowboys Training Table educates visitors of all ages and backgrounds about the significance of good nutrition and the science behind dairy foods as a key part of it,” says Konkle.

“The partnership with the Cowboys has been in the works for months, and Dairy MAX is excited to see it come to fruition as The Star opens to the public in January 2017,” states Konkle.

In the area of health and wellness, Dairy MAX further developed relationships with dietitians and physicians through various educational opportunities and programs throughout 2016.

“The health and wellness team communicated with health influencers through many different ways this year, from farm tours, to the Dairy Amazing Symposium and everything in between,” says Konkle.

The health and wellness team encourages a strong social media engagement at their events, expanding Dairy MAX’s reach and continuing the dairy conversation beyond in-person attendees.

It’s no secret consumers are more curious than ever in, seeking answers about how their food is produced and processed. The Dairy MAX team has worked diligently over the past year to increase consumer confidence in dairy and dairy foods through an online presence as well as the traveling Dairy Discovery Zone exhibit.

“The Dairy Discovery Zone reached an amazing 252,326 consumers this year at fairs, stock shows and rodeos across the Dairy MAX region,” says Konkle.

The traveling mobile exhibit is geared toward families to educate consumers of all ages about dairy. Through interactive games, the exhibit offers information to each visitor.

Dairy MAX continues to connect with consumers through the Our Land, Our Cows, Our PassionSM platform. This campaign allows consumers to digitally “meet” the hard-working individuals who provide their favorite dairy foods.

“Our Land, Our Cows, Our Passion allows producers from across the region to share their experiences and life on the dairy with consumers through stories, recipes, photos and videos,” says Konkle.

Growing the next generation of dairy lovers was another key focus of Dairy MAX’s work in 2016. The school marketing team continues to actively encourage school nutrition programs to include dairy foods as a part of healthy school breakfasts and lunches.

The Texas Youth Empowerment Town Hall is one way Dairy MAX promotes dairy’s role in child nutrition through relationships. The 2016 event hosted 90 community youth wellness stakeholders, educators, Fuel Up to Play 60 students and program advisors, health and wellness leaders, business leaders, and dairy farmers.

“The Texas Town Hall event is just one way Dairy MAX promotes and grows dairy consumption for our next generation of dairy consumers,” says Konkle.

The event’s partners—including the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee, all generously supported the event by donating a total of more than $100,000 to benefit Houston schools.

“Dairy MAX focused heavily on building and growing relationships with partners, health and wellness professionals, consumers, and dairy farmers over the past year, and the organization is excited to continue growing relationships moving into 2017,” says Konkle.