New Mexico Dairy Farmers Donate $1 Million to Community

Mar 9, 2015
group of people dressed up posing for a picture

What does it take to raise one million dollars? According to Tara Vander Dussen it takes hard work, dedication and a passion for the community.

Vander Dussen is the president of the United Dairy Women (UDW), an organization that strives to give back to youth in the Clovis and Portales areas. In the last ten years, the group raised one million dollars to provide milk and dairy foods to children living in a local New Mexico children's home.

UDW fundraises throughout the year with the largest annual event being the Milk Lover's Ball. Dairy MAX has been a sponsor at the Milk Lover's Ball since its inception. UDW has also hosted Dairy Fest., and currently hosts Ute the Man events as fundraisers. The Milk Lover's Ball event recognizes the efforts of the group and allows dairy farmers to give back to those who have less.

 "Being involved in the community helps build strong bonds with others," said Vander Dussen. "It also helps make our communities a better place to live."

By showing dedication to the community dairy farmers can also build trust in their dairy farms and build demand for local milk. Vander Dussen is looking forward to helping build that demand for farmers in her community by encouraging the organization to provide more dairy foods to children in the next ten years.

"If everyone did something to help others, imagine the difference we could make," added Vander Dussen. "Every little bit makes a difference!"