Opening Doors - Nutritional Partnership at The Star

Mar 15, 2018
photo of the training table at The Star

We had the opportunity to team up with the Dallas Cowboys in a big way when they opened The Star — the team’s new headquarters and practice facility. The Dallas Cowboys Nutrition Partnership at the Star is to use the Cowboys influence to broadcast and amplify our dairy messages to the community.

It’s a vital outlet for our nutrition messaging and our greatest opportunity to interact with Cowboys fans. Every day over 300 people enter the doors of the facility for tours, meetings or events. And through our official nutrition partnership, we can ensure the focus of the message is primarily dairy.

We’ve already reached thousands with our health and wellness information and have had the opportunity to help mold players into nutrition advocates. We continue to build on this relationship and seek ways to further leverage the celebrity of the players and The Star itself to tell a dairy positive story.