Pouring Expertise into School Nutrition

Jul 25, 2015
young kids drinking milk and eating vegetables

The key to keeping dairy front and center in the school cafeteria, is influencing school nutrition directors. Your local dairy checkoff works with school nutrition directors promoting dairy through the 2015 Texas Association of School Nutrition (TASN) conference.

The TASN conference is one of the largest school nutrition conferences in the country. By attending the June event, the Dairy MAX school marketing team had access to more than 1,200 conference attendees - who work within school nutrition programs.

During the conference, 12 Dairy MAX-sponsored sessions touched on “marketing your school nutrition program,” assisting school nutritionists with driving more student participation and “rethink your drink,” focusing on the nutrient-rich package milk provides.

The Dairy MAX team also invited dairy producer Jodi Jackson to share positive experiences about raising her children on a family dairy. Jackson answered lots of farm questions from conference participants. Altogether, Dairy MAX-sponsored sessions represented 30% of total sessions at the conference.

“Dairy foods are a big part of what schools serve at meals, and TASN attendees are proud of their contribution to student nutrition,” said Joann Knox, a school wellness consultant with Dairy MAX, Inc. “Although they serve lots of milk, many of them are surprised that milk is very local. With the help of Dairy MAX, they’re able to connect the farm to school.”

“All of the sessions Dairy MAX hosted were standing room only,” said Alyson Kirchner, vice-president of School Sales, Marketing and Operations for Dairy MAX, Inc. “This is because our speakers provide top-notch educational sessions over relevant topics. The seats fill up fast.”

As a result, conference attendees will share the positive story about dairy in their communities.  “The stakeholders we present to and speak to are on the front lines in schools,” added Knox. “They can help support dairy through Dairy Dollars for Schools, Fuel Up to Play 60 and other dairy education to student consumers, their parents and other educators.”

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