Welcome to The Amazing World of Dairy

May 10, 2019
farm family in a field with "the amazing world of dairy" illustrated above them

Connecting with people to build trust in dairy starts with meeting them where they are. In a world where people are trying to make the best decisions for their families in an affordable, safe and sustainable way, it’s more important than ever to share the goodness of dairy in a way that resonates. Over the last 10 years Dairy MAX has grown a focused communications strategy that reaches people across the region both in-person and online. With growth comes opportunity, and 2019 will bring a new creative platform for Dairy MAX to share dairy’s story on behalf of farmers.

What started as communications tailored to the health and wellness audience has shifted to a heavy focus on millennial moms and their families. This brought re-focused messaging across Dairy MAX websites, social media and the Dairy Discovery Zone, an interactive mobile exhibit that brings dairy education to stock shows, fairs and family events across the region. As partnerships with organizations like the Dallas Cowboys, Feeding America and Borden’s grew, it became important to establish Dairy MAX as a trusted and credible source of information and research across all audiences—particularly families making purchasing decisions.

This, coupled with the need for people to feel connected to where their food comes from, is how the Dairy MAX brand was born. Bringing to life campaigns that tell dairy’s story while highlighting values of dairy farmers and the organization has allowed Dairy MAX to make a bigger impact with the target consumer audience. When Undeniably Dairy was introduced as national checkoff’s consumer-facing campaign, Dairy MAX aligned messaging and content with illustrations that showcased how dairy is responsibly produced, locally driven, nutrient rich and providing real enjoyment.

By aligning communications efforts in this way, Dairy MAX has seen significant growth in the last 4 years. In 2018 alone over 40 million people were reached with positive dairy messages online. Kaci Creel, vice president, corporate communications, credits this to a unified approach to marketing efforts.

“We have previously focused on growing our presence online, but in 2019 we are transitioning to engaging our audience to the fullest potential,” says Creel. “Our creative platform has contributed to continued relevance and growth with consumers.”

Since then, Dairy MAX has accommodated shifts in consumer interests by evolving creatively. A new collection of artwork and illustrations themed the “Amazing World of Dairy” will be launched in 2019 across Dairy MAX digital efforts, print communications and exhibit booths. These new graphics also work well with video and real photography, allowing the flexibility to produce high-quality stories that resonate with consumers.

The key purchasing target for Dairy MAX media communications is moms ages 24-55, which covers a wide range of “conflicted health seekers”. From Baby Boomers to Millennials to Gen Z, Dairy MAX has worked to create a new platform with multi-generation appeal. The “Amazing World of Dairy” makes it possible to connect with consumers across these audience segments in a fun and engaging way.

“When it comes down to it, people are just trying to make the best decisions for their families,” says Creel. “There’s a world of possibilities for us to meet them where they are and share the goodness of dairy, which is exactly what we plan to do with our new creative platform.”

Visit DairyDiscoveryZone.com throughout the year to experience the launch of the Amazing World of Dairy!