Electrify Performance with Chocolate Milk Electrolytes


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We all know electrolytes are important for athletes. But do you know why – and are you getting enough of them with your sports drink?

Electrolytes are electrically charged ions that come from certain minerals. They trigger nerve impulses and muscle contractions needed for basic body functions – which means a deficiency can have serious consequences.

As it turns out, milk is a great natural source of electrolytes. Here's what you'll find in a single glass:

Calcium: 300 mg; 30% DV – Stimulates nerves and muscles, regulates blood vessel contractions.

Potassium: 366 mg; 10% DV – Helps lower blood pressure; works with sodium to keep muscles and nerves functioning.

Sodium: 107 mg; 4% DV – In addition to muscle and nerve function, regulates water in your body.

Magnesium: 27mg; 6% DV – Helps regulate your heartbeat and lower blood pressure.

Compare these numbers with the label on your favorite sports drinks – and don't forget to check out the numbers for sugar and protein, too. You decide which is better.

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