Ultimate Hydration: Water vs. Chocolate Milk

Mar 15, 2015
Ultimate Hydration: Water vs. Chocolate Milk

Everybody knows water is good for you, but is it the best thing to drink after a workout? Water is great for hydration, but it can’t replace the calories you burn or the electrolytes you sweat out, and it can’t stock you up on muscle-repairing protein.

That means water alone after a workout can leave you feeling weak - and your next workout will suffer for it.

Chocolate milk is 90 percent water, which means excellent hydration. But on top of that, the other 10 percent is packed with stuff to supercharge you. It’s full of nutrients, including electrolytes and 8g of protein or more in every glass. And if you’re worried about the sugar from the chocolate, don’t; that extra sugar brings that carbs-to-protein ratio up to the ideal ratio for post-workout recovery.

So the next time you need to rehydrate, stop and think. If you need to replace nutrients as well as moisture, reach for the chocolate milk.

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