Mobile Matters - Adopting A Digital Mindset To Connect With Consumers

Oct 20, 2015
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One of the main goals of checkoff programs is uniting producers and consumers on common ground. That’s why Dairy MAX works hard to help millions of consumers understand where their food comes from and how it’s produced.  Kaci Creel, consumer marketing director for Dairy MAX, says that can be a challenge when the majority of Americans have never stepped foot on a working farm.

“Most of today’s urban population has a hard time visualizing where their food comes from since they haven’t seen it in person,” Creel says. “They have an idea in their mind that a cow is still milked by hand, or that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.”

One thing today’s consumers can understand though, is digital communication. With over 71 percent of American adults owning a smart phone, Dairy MAX is utilizing new avenues to engage a mobile audience. Dairy MAX is adopting a digital mindset.

“Let’s face it - mobile matters,” Creel says. “That’s why we’ve added the new Dairy Discovery Zone (DDZ) website, Dairy Management Inc.’s udder truth campaign, an updated look at, and social media efforts to create a common voice.”

The newly launched  is a complete resource for consumers. The fully interactive website features nutritional information, recipes, dairy production facts, and activity links for consumers of all ages. DDZ helps people put a face to the farmers who are producing their food. Feature farmer stories and virtual video tours allow the general public to see what a dairy farm looks like, and most importantly, that the families who own them truly love what they do for a living.

“The DDZ website is the perfect way for people in the city to ‘visit’ a real farm. And I think our producers do a great job of explaining what they do every day to care for their land and cattle,” Creel says. “When farmers speak, consumers listen.”

Another key focus of the Digital Communications Plan is building consumer confidence. Dairy MAX believes that building demand for dairy starts with building trust in communities. Being transparent is key to helping consumers understand where their food comes from and why they can trust the source. And with agri-tourism more popular than ever, new farm tour kits act as a resource for farmers and guides for visitors.

“Our goal is to help connect consumers with dairy farmers,” Creel said. “Now that is easier than ever. Educators, health professionals, and dairy farmers can download information at the click of a button. And with that, consumers get the most consistent and up-to-date message about dairy products and production."

Dairy MAX feels passionately about the work dairy farmers do to provide the most wholesome foods to consumers worldwide. By exploring multiple avenues through the digital communications plan, Dairy MAX is working to connect consumers and dairy farmers now and into the future.