Navigating Trends: A Strategic Shift for Gen Z Social Media Messaging

Dec 12, 2023
A Strategic Shift for Gen Z Social Media Messaging

Culture is constantly evolving, particularly with Gen Z (born mid-1990s to early 2010s), currently the primary trend-setting generation. To ensure our dairy message reaches people on their level, in their language, we’ve always worked to evolve our look and voice across social media platforms. This year, we’ve made a particularly intentional shift with our Instagram and video content.

Evolved Look

The refreshed design transitioned smoothly from our existing look, weaving in current trends, such as mixed fonts, bright colors and photography that look more user-generated and sometimes less polished.

Focused Messaging

While our messaging still comprises sustainability, nutrition, cow care and more, we’re emphasizing trends such as protein, authenticity and the importance of balanced vs. restrictive eating habits. Taglines such as "Real milk. No shame." pair the authenticity message with the growing trend toward celebrating individual choices.

New Video Campaign With Existing Footage

Our video-forward strategy aims at the extremely popular TikTok and YouTube Shorts platforms. We’ve been efficient with our budget, using documentary-style footage from the Dairy Up Close shoot, which we transformed into bite-sized videos through fun graphics and insightful editing. The 25 videos deliver important messages about how dairy farmers care for cows, the environment and a hungry world. We rolled out the first six videos in November, each with two slightly different versions, so we could determine which editing style performed better before completing the other 19 videos.

Results So Far

While it’s still early to see the full results of this shift, we’ve seen:

  • The campaign has more than 6 million total impressions across YouTube and TikTok.
  • 65% of people who were served the YouTube videos watched them all the way through: 300,000+ views total.
  • More than 965,000 people saw the videos on TikTok.