Oklahoma State Fair - From Cow To The Cone

Sep 15, 2015
bowl of peach ice cream

The vision of winning a shiny blue ribbon crosses the minds of fair competitors as they gear up to put their prized goods on display. But according to Susan Allen, Program Manager of Industry Affairs, bragging rights are even more motivating than taking home the blue. Since 2008, Dairy MAX has sponsored “From Cow to the Cone”, the homemade ice cream contest at the Oklahoma State Fair. “It’s a wholesome way to remind people that some of their favorite treats come from the dairy,” Allen says.

Averaging around 20 entries each year, “From Cow to the Cone” allows ice cream enthusiasts to stir up and serve their favorite cold delight. Anyone can enter, as long as they pre-register a month in advance. Prizes are awarded for first through third place in three categories, and there’s also a People’s Choice title up for grabs. “More than once, vanilla has won the People’s Choice award,” Allen says. “It’s America’s flavor. Plus, people can personalize it by adding a favorite fruit like fresh peaches or strawberries, or even walnuts or almonds.” People’s Choice is decided by general consumers attending the fair and is always a popular attraction.

The remaining six titles are determined by a panel of hand-picked judges. “Selecting the right judges allows the event to live on and reach more people,” Allen says. This year, all five judges have a connection with ag media and will be able to reach a different audience. The winning recipes will be printed in the Oklahoman newspaper throughout the year and the judges will encourage dairy awareness through both traditional media efforts and social media. At the event itself, spectators are encouraged to partake in the fun. “The 2015 Oklahoma Dairy Princess will be handing out the DairyMAX Celebrate All Things Dairy recipe book, which highlights some of our local farm families and includes ice cream recipes,” Allen says. “Ice cream is so popular. We’re glad it helps people make the connection that farmers are working hard to provide a wholesome product in a wholesome way.”

“From Cow to the Cone” will be happening Monday, September 20 at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. For more information on checkoff programs and fair activities, visit Dairy MAX and the Dairy Discovery Zone.